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  • Is my manduca® genuine?

    I’ve seen a cheap manduca®, how do I know if it’s genuine?

    Manduca ® Baby Carriers are loved around the world – and thousands of happy customers are sharing how pleased they are with the extraordinary fit and feel unique of a genuine manduca ® carrier.

    Unfortunately this excitement and success has attracted counterfeiters, and it is a sad fact of life that sub-standard, roughly made and potentially dangerous counterfeit carriers are being passed off as real manduca® baby carriers on online trading sites.

    Counterfeiting is a criminal offence and penalties exist for perpetrators. Manduca ® asks for your cooperation and understanding while we pursue all avenues to bring manduca ® counterfeiters to justice.

    The risks of buying a counterfeit manduca ® are set out below.

    To ensure your manduca ® is the one loved and recommended by so many parents, with the safety standards and three year warranty manduca is famous for, please only buy your manduca® from an authorised seller (listed here or phone us on 1800 757777).

    Do NOT buy manduca® from eBay or Gumtree, or unauthorised discount sources.

    Be aware that secondhand carriers purporting to be manduca ® may have been purchased from an unauthorised site. Insist upon proof of purchase, and check with authorised distributor Fertile Mind (info@fertilemind.com.au or 1800 757 777).

    How is my baby at risk by using a counterfeit manduca®?

    What are the chances that counterfeiters would be using the more expensive certified organic fabric & dyes, or even fabrics & dyes safe for your baby to chew on?

    This is the kind of question you should ask yourself when purchasing any product in intimate contact with your baby.

    Your precious baby’s skin and mouth will be in regular close contact with your manduca ®, and manduca® takes seriously the fastidiousness with which it chooses and monitors the non-toxicity of its fabric and dyes.

    Authentic manduca ® baby carriers comply with the highest non-toxic standards in the world, and use only certified organic fabric and edible dyes for that reason. Additionally, the prized GS mark is awarded only to companies who comply with strict quality control standards.

    Manduca ® Baby Carriers are certified to be able to safely and securely carry your child from 3.5kg onwards to 20kg. This is only possible with the use of high quality buckles, zips, straps and stitching monitored by a strict testing process. All this make it possible for a parent or caregiver to have peace of mind and enjoy carrying their baby in a genuine manduca ®.

    Questions you may want to ask yourself if you suspect that what you have bought or intend to purchase a non-authentic/counterfeit baby carrier purporting to be the manduca® brand.

    • What are the chances again that parts such as buckles are genuine quality parts that can hold the weight of your baby safely up to 20kg?

    • Has the carrier gone through a proper safety testing process to ensure that it is safe for use?

    • If the retailer is not an authorized manduca® retailer, how can you be sure of the source of the carrier you have purchased?

    • Have you lost the opportunity to experience the quality fit and feel of a genuine manduca®?

    • Will the warranty work, if it’s found to be a counterfeit product?

    • Is it worth taking all the above risks with your baby’s safety and your comfort and peace of mind just for some savings?

    Are there ways to tell if the store is selling manduca® and not a counterfeit?

    Until you are disappointed with something that looks like the genuine article but isn’t, you may not understand how important it is to choose an authentic manduca ®.

    By then it’s too late, and we’re sorry but we can’t help you reverse any purchase.

    However, there are ways you can be sure that a manduca® is authentic and ready to give you and your baby years of comfort and pleasure.

    1. Send the carrier for a detailed laboratory test to certify that the materials used are as stated in the manduca® Baby Carrier specification. i.e., certified organic fabric, authentic military grade buckles etc. This option is expensive and the likelihood is that the carrier is no longer usable even if it is proven authentic.

    2. Only purchase manduca® from a trusted source to guarantee its safety and authenticity with the 3-years warranty.

    3. Do NOT buy manduca ® from eBay or Gumtree, or unauthorised discount online sources.

    4. Be aware that secondhand carriers purporting to be manduca ® may have been purchased from an unauthorised site. Insist upon proof of purchase, and check with authorised distributor Fertile Mind (info@fertilemind.com.au or 1800 757 777).



  • Australia's peak physiotherapy body endorses manduca

    Well, we know all of the hidden and amazing qualities of the Manduca organic baby carrier but it's nice to announce that it's just become the only baby carrier officially endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

    The APA is Australia’s peak professional body representing the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients.

    Christine Kininmonth of Fertile Mind, the Australian distributor, met up with Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Corporate Services’ General Manager Craig Maltman plus head of marketing Maree Whittingham to celebrate the announcment.

    Craig told Christine the APA endorsed the manduca organic baby carrier as it exhibited features aligned with the values of the physiotherapy profession and the APA.

    It's an exhaustive process as the APA assesses products before endorsing them, so the APA’s endorsement of the manduca baby carrier acknowledges it as a product providing quality, value and security.

    Fertile Mind recently ran a survey about baby carriers and slings (the Babywearing in Australia survey), and found that more than 80% of surveyed parents believed health providers should be the ones providing information about optimal and safe babywearing.

    So, Christine says, the endorsement will help to bring an optimal carrier such as manduca to the attention of health professionals and their patients.”

    As manduca fans know, and feel, manduca carries baby in the correct “spread-squat M position” which may prevent hip dysplasia.

    It can be worn in conjunction with equipment recommended by orthopaedic health professionals to correct infant hip issues.

    Actually, the Hip Dysplasia Org website makes for fascinating reading, not least of all because the "froggy" or "M" position of the baby's legs in a spread/squat position is also referred to as the "human position"!

    Teaching parents to holdi their babies in a "human" position is kind of funny when you think about it, but obviously necessary when you read more on the site.

    To summarise the findings: An unborn baby spends a long time tucked in the fetal position, in which both hips and knees are bent or flexed and after birth, it takes several months for the joints to stretch out naturally.

    The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. During the first few months of life the ball is more likely to be loose within the socket because babies are naturally flexible and because the edges of the socket are made of soft cartilage like the cartilage in the ear.

    Christine points out that 18 years ago she was taught by her hospital midwives to strictly swaddle her baby like an Egyptian mummy, but the Hip Dysplasia Org site suggests that if the hips are forced into a stretched-out position too early, the ball is at risk of permanently deforming the edges of the cup shaped socket (hip dysplasia) or gradually slipping out of the socket altogether (hip dislocation).

    Hip dysplasia or dislocation in babies is not painful so this may go undetected until walking age and may also result in painful arthritis during adulthood.

    The risk of hip dysplasia or dislocation is greatest in the first few months of life.

    By six months of age, most babies have nearly doubled in size, the hips are more developed and the ligaments are stronger, so are less susceptible to developing hip dysplasia.

    So, while the International Hip Dysplasia Institute makes a point of saying it cannot endorse nor advise against any particular baby carrier, it can recommend that parents choose a carrier that offers the correct froggy, spread/squat or human position.

    Happily, as well as optimal positioning for hips, Manduca's adjustability suits parents and carers of all sizes, and features highly tuned weight distribution that renders a heavy baby almost weightless on the wearer.

    Comfort, after all, is the reason we all enjoy wearing the manduca and benefitting from the health outcomes proven to result from babywearing.



  • Babywearing in Winter

    It doesn’t feel like it yet, with the temperatures in Sydney breaking a 104-year-old record today, but winter is nearly here!

    We've asked our manduca wearers to share their tips for Babywearing in the winter.

    How to keep your bub ( and yourself) warm, but not too warm, so you both feel comfortable.

    Here are the three best tips we chose:

    1. Just do it (baby wearing that is)! It keeps both of you warm! I use a blanket tucked around the manduca too on particularly cold days! Love it!

    2. I dress bubs in merino then have a big jacket or scarf to put over the top. That way shes closer to my skin to get warmth and the jacket/ scarf blocks out the wind. Also fingerless gloves are a must! Hands stay warm and because the gloves are fingerless she can still fiddle with everything while being carried

    3. It's important not to overdress bubs in the carrier. I like to wear a big fleecy jacket over it I can wrap around us both. Oh & a hat, always a hat when it's cold.

    Do you have other tips to keep warm while Babywearing this winter?



  • Die Trageschule Dresden- Babywearing consultants in Australia

    Die Trageschule Dresden- Babywearing consultants in Australia

    Babywearing consultants- Basic course:


    Cindi Fertile Mind cindi@fertilemind.com.au

    Dallas Fertile Mind dallas@fertilemind.com.au

    Lee-Anne Moore Chiropractor-Vitae Health lee-anne@vitaehealth.com.au

    Dr. Vanessa Harrington Chiropractor admin@drvanessaharrington.com

    Dr. Amy Melamet Chiropractor crystalstreetchiro@gmail.com

    Dr. Jonathan Moore Chiropractor-Vitae Health jonathan@vitaehealth.com.au

    Mark Newell Carry my baby fiona@carrymybaby.com.au

    Sarah Gestier-Garstang Babywearing Basics s.gestier_garstang@yahoo.com.au

    Caroline Hardman PhysiotherapisT- RPA Newborn Care Caroline.Hardman@sswahs.nsw.gov.au

    Belinda Woodward Vitae Health woodward.belinda@gmail.com

    Maria Olegario Physiotherapist m_olegario@hotmail.com


    Brooke Kangatraining Australia- Kangatraining North Brisbane

    Meliisa Bubcarrier


    Naomi O'Flaherty naomi.babywearing@gmail.com

    Dr Shauna Hoogland GP Obstetrician s-hoogland@hotmail.com

    Laura Lee Berlingieri llberlingieri@gmail.com llberlingieri@gmail.com


    Gabrielle Shroot brie@babywearingeducation.com.au

    Laura Lee Berlingieri llberlingieri@gmail.com {Doula}

    Kristal Pinny tkpinny@gmail.com {Child Health Nurse}


    *Naomi O'Flaherty, naomi.babywearing@gmail.com

    Dr Shauna Hoogland s-hoogland@hotmail.com {GP Obstetrician}

    Babywearing consultant- advanced course:

    *Karen Horovitz, karen@fertilemind.com.au North shore NSW

    *Sarah Tarrant info@kangatraining.com.au Kangatraining Australia Country Leader VIC

    Certified Babywearing Consultants:

    Christine Kininmonth Fertile Mind's Founder and Director christine@fertilemind.com.au NSW

    Celeste Boonaerts celeste@angelrockjewellers.com.au NSW

    *Nikki Wilkins nikkiwilkins@nurturenest.com.au SA

    *Beth Hodgson beth@karritreelane.com WA

    *Manduca trained stockists



  • Awards season is here!

    We are excited to be nominated for two important awards this year:

    Favourite BABY CARRIER for the ‘My Child’ Excellence Awards 2014

    ( You can vote for us here: http://www.mychildmagazine.com.au/my-child-2014-excellence-awards-voting/?COLLCC=2933611901&COLLCC=3925203484 and get the chance to win over $6400 worth of prizes! )

    And 'Baby carrier' for the Mother & Baby Awards 2014 .

    We appreciate all the love and support manduca is getting in Australia!





  • Manduca Size-It- the new accesory!

    The newest accsory from manduca has arrived to Australia!

    The Sizereduces the width of the manduca’s seat and so adjusts it to the right size for your baby. This makes it even easier to carry your newborn baby in the manduca.

    You can infinitely adjust the size of manduca’s seat and achieve a well-cushioned, perfect fit in one quick and simple step. Just as you like it.

    You then have your baby in the smaller manduca and can carry him or her comfortably in the M-Position!

    For an easy and perfect fit: “Adjust the size of your manduca!”

    Size-It is a softly padded, flexible textile belt that you pass around your manduca’s seat.

    Then you close the buckle and adjust it with the strap bands to fit to your baby’s size. Now you pick up your baby, place it in the “smaller” manduca and see how easy it is to carry him or her in a perfect M position.


    Outer material: 100 % cotton (certified organic)

    Filling: 100 % Polyester

    RRP $24.95

    Available at Fertile Mind the manduca distributor in Australia or manduca stcokists.



  • Manduca in New Zealand

    So my son just turned 3 (can’t believe how time flies!) and I’m not wearing him as often as I'd like too. Our recent trip to New Zealand supplied many great opportunities to use our wonderful manduca.

    Still, at 3 years old 16kg it's the most comfortable baby carrier I own (and my stash is a very nice one ;) )!

    We used it at every bush walk we took ( the second we sat a hill ahead mr.3 announced " I’m tired, take me on your back!") and for naps on lazy cruises while we watched stunning views.

    Here are some selected photos... enjoy :)


    p.s We would love you to share your

    Read more ...


  • The annual 'Babywearing in Australia' survey 2013

    In a recent survey conducted by Fertile Mind™ – one of Australia’s most respected maternity and early childhood brands - over 50 percent of respondents believed information on ‘babywearing’ was inadequate in Australia.

    The Fertile Mind™ 2013 Babywearing Survey showed that 80 percent of respondents also believed that pre and post-natal health professionals should be the ones to provide training on optimal and safe babywearing, a subject that is currently being paid close attention to by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC).

    “Babywearing is the time-honoured tradition of keeping your baby close to you in a wrap, sling or carrier,” says Christine Kininmonth, Founder and Co-Owner of Fertile Mind™ and a mother of four, “and research has shown that it has many benefits for infants in their early development stages.”

    The benefits of babywearing have been highlighted in research conducted by Associate Professor, Patrice Miller, Department of Psychology, of Massachusetts’ Salem State College. In an article written for the Harvard Business Gazette, Professor Miller is quoted as stating that early stress resulting from separation causes changes in infant brains that makes adults more susceptible to stress in their future lives .

    According to Professor Miller, the main benefit of babywearing focuses on being able to provide infants with the reassurance of human physical contact that provides them with a sense of security, enabling them to form better relationships when they become more independent.

    “While 43 percent of respondents to the survey who were currently using babycarriers or slings were already aware of the health benefits for their baby, more than half commented that babywearing information in Australia was currently not up to scratch,” continues Kininmonth, one of Australia’s leading female business entrepreneurs in the maternity and early childhood industry.

    “Parents listed health providers, early childhood health centres, General Practitioners and obstetricians as good choices for providing information, but overwhelmingly most would additionally like to see midwives, doulas and lactation consultants share more of the proven benefits of babywearing with parents and those expecting a baby.”

    “In view of this, Fertile Mind™ will be sponsoring training for pre and post-natal healthcare professionals in the new year, tapping into a global trend to educate parents and aimed at addressing this gap in the local market.”

    To see the full results of 2012 and 2013 surveys visit: http://bit.ly/HPv15c



  • Introducing the new Limited Editions manducas!

    In early 2014 the new Limited Editions of manduca will hit Australia!

    We are very excited to introduce the stunning PurpleMagic:

    1100 were produce worldwide and only 100 will arrive Australia, what makes it a pretty special one to have!

    The Circadelic range is bright and colorful, with variation of four colors-

    CiracdelicSea- Blue

    CircadelicGrass- green


    CircadelicSun- Orange ( will not be available in Australia)

    As all Limited editions- the PurpleMagic and the Circadelic range are 100% organic cotton and made in Europe.

    As all manduca baby carriers- they come with THREE years warranty

    (by registering here: http://www.my-manduca.de/index.php?lang=en&modul=registrierung)


    Contact Karen@fertilemind.com.au or your nearest manduca stockists.



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