Healthy hip development

Manduca supports healthy hip development

In the M-Position, a baby's knees are in line with their belly button and gently spread to the sides (like a frog's); but and legs are forming an M. Your baby's pelvis will slide to the front; the back will assume the age-appropriate, rounded C-shape.In the M-Position, there is no unnecessary strain and the possibility of later skeletal malformations is greatly reduced. But not only is the M-Position orthopedically correct, it's also simply comfortable. 

If you've ever picked up a baby for a good cuddle, you may have noticed that most of them instinctively lift their legs and bend their backs. And yes, even we grown-ups often naturally choose this position when we're huddling up with a blanket on a lazy afternoon. A bit like children in the manduca, really.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institiue acknowledes specific products as "hip-healthy" to help educate the public.

Manduca baby carriers support your baby in the M-position: the orthopedically correct for healthy hip development. The spread-squat position is the position babies automatically assume when you pick them up: they automatically bend their legs up - like a small monkey - and prepare themselves instinctively to be carried.

Manduca is endorsed as a healthy hip product by the Australian Physiotherapy Association