• Jordan and Peyton's Hip Dysplasia Journey

    We discovered that Peyton was a breech baby at our 35 week appointment at the hospital. We went for ultrasounds to confirm and at 37 weeks we tried a ECV (External Cephalic Version) at this appointment she had already engaged and therefore unsuccessful.We booked in for a caesarean for 39 weeksAt ... View Post
  • Haley & Zoey's Hip Dysplasia Journey

    Our beautiful little girl Zoey was born on the 11th June 2016, she came into the world in a rare en-caul birth, it makes her special, but what really makes our little girl special is that she is kicking hip dysplasia’s butt! Zoey’s hip dysplasia journey actually starts about three generations bef... View Post
  • Why manduca baby carriers could be called “Birkenstocks for babies”

    The proud history of the German Birkenstock® brand is something to hold in high esteem. This hundreds-year-old shoe company has enjoyed a fine reputation because of its attention to quality and exceptional design. Birkenstock’s brand essence includes healthy living and sleeping, healthy workplace... View Post