Babywearing in Winter

It doesn’t feel like it yet, with the temperatures in Sydney breaking a 104-year-old record today, but winter is nearly here!

We've asked our manduca wearers to share their tips for Babywearing in the winter.

How to keep your bub ( and yourself) warm, but not too warm, so you both feel comfortable.

Here are the three best tips we chose:

1. Just do it (baby wearing that is)! It keeps both of you warm! I use a blanket tucked around the manduca too on particularly cold days! Love it! 

2. I dress bubs in merino then have a big jacket or scarf to put over the top. That way shes closer to my skin to get warmth and the jacket/ scarf blocks out the wind. Also fingerless gloves are a must! Hands stay warm and because the gloves are fingerless she can still fiddle with everything while being carried 

3. It's important not to overdress bubs in the carrier. I like to wear a big fleecy jacket over it I can wrap around us both. Oh & a hat, always a hat when it's cold.

Do you have other tips to keep warm while Babywearing this winter?

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