Why manduca baby carriers could be called “Birkenstocks for babies”

The proud history of the German Birkenstock® brand is something to hold in high esteem.
This hundreds-year-old shoe company has enjoyed a fine reputation because of its attention to quality and exceptional design.
Birkenstock’s brand essence includes healthy living and sleeping, healthy workplaces, healthy feet and a healthy approach to life.
Babies can’t wear Birkenstocks, but they can be offered a similarly healthy living and sleeping environment from a company that is famous for German excellence in design.
Offering the security of a comfortable sleeping pod, manduca® baby carriers give babies a connection with their parent while the wearer continues to get things done. And, like the moulded sandal, manduca moulds around baby’s body to eliminate pressure and discomfort – even for long periods of time being carried.
Healthy feet start from the hips, and manduca is the only baby carrier endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as well as being named as Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). The wide seat offered by manduca gives the optimal “spread squat” position, also known as “froggy” or “M” position.
Hip Health is particularly important for the first 4-6 months of life, when hip cartilage begins to shape into the bones that the child will have for life.
The IHDI and Healthy Hips Australia are working to eliminate late onset hip dysplasia by recommending parents choose healthy hip carriers such as manduca and Hug-a-Bub, and swaddling products or swaddle wraps like the large cotton L’il Fraser Collection baby wraps.
Much is made of the quality materials that tread lightly on the earth and used in the Birkenstock manufacture.
Manduca is also similar in that it sustainably sources only the best materials to achieve the highest level of comfort.
While Birkenstock’s quality is seen most obviously in their choice of leathers, manduca’s is in the 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and GS Mark (test of quality and sustainability).
Birkenstocks make a big play on their product’s breathability, longevity and durability. Similarly, manduca baby carriers are breathable and durable, in fact they come with a 3 year guarantee.
Birkenstock’s cork is a natural, lightweight, resilient, and shock-absorbent material.
Again, there’s a parallel. Manduca baby carriers weigh only 600grams, are natural and they last. There are spare parts available to keep manducas looking good for years. While they may or may not offer shock absorbing properties, they are the only baby carriers recommended for Kangatraining fitness instructors, offering the best carrying option for parents exercising with baby.
Flexibility is a hallmark of the Birkenstock, and manduca has a flexible design that grows with baby. A built-in newborn insert is easily brought out and tucked away when needed. The extension zip across the back of the carrier gives parents the option to extend or contract the length of the back. All adjusting straps offer two way adjustment, so there’s a custom fit comfort no matter what the wearer’s size or shape.
Finally, Birkenstocks shout intelligence and street cred. They say “I’ve done my research and while I want to look awesome, I don’t want to forego comfort - I want to feel so good that I can relax and enjoy my day.”
Manduca wearers feel like this. There’s a lot of contentment that comes with knowing you chose well, and your healthy approach to life starts by carrying your precious baby in the carrier equivalent of the Birkenstock.

Images: masha-sedgwick (Birkenstock) and Wickelkinder (manduca)

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